I'm just one girl looking for a home to call my blogs name ( y a veces pienso en espanol, ya tu sabes) Here you might find.... A little wit, a search for Inspiration, making Creative flowers, 3am Thoughts, my love for Miami, FL, and every once in a while... a tale of two from the world of Producing TV. something useful. All photos I post I take, and the ones I reblog I source :-)

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    18 Jan
  1. Art Throne #wynwood #streetart #miami

    Art Throne #wynwood #streetart #miami

  2. 9 Jan
  3. My grandfather once told me, ‘don’t believe everything you read, but make sure you believe everything you say.’
    James DeWolf (via books-and-clevernesss)
  4. 5 Jan
  5. I think of reading a book as no less an experience than travelling or falling in love.
    Jorge Luis Borges, The Last Interview (via fuckyeahjorgeluisborges)
  6. 5 Jan
  7. For anyone with a broken heart:  looking back on heartbreak gives you perspective, time and distance give you peace <3 

    —— </3 —- <3

    This is why….

    I don’t want you around now,

    I want you to be so far gone that the memory of you is a distant fog

    That fog so distant that the site of you won’t evoke an emotion, a reaction.

    That the sight of you would not evoke a blip in my heart:

    that you would not resonate.

    Its horrible to me, but this is what you would want, what you wanted all along, you wanted me to bleed for your love. To be so overcome with emotion that my every pores screamed with a lusty sweat, and my mind yearned to give you sonnets. 

    Love poems you said, You never write me love poems. Aren’t you a writer?

    So you crushed me and broke the safe space where you said my heart would be kept from harm. 

    It was safe there, even from you, because you did not want to love me.

    You wanted to love someone.

    Someone else, other then yourself. Because you, for all your words …

    You do not like yourself, you are always hunting for the best, the next, the better, version of you. It was evident in everything around you, the inability to just be where you were.. always… needing… to… change… 

    I knew it was only a matter of time before you would be looking for a better version of me. 

    But you should know, that love comes from truth.. and you cannot admit yours even to yourself, so how could I love you in this unbridled and unabashed way, when you refused to see yourself. I was waiting for you to be true,to yourself, to me.. thinking and THEN,  and then my heart would be all yours. 

    But it didn’t. your truth was buried beneath more needs and desires, and my truth kept bubbling towards the surface.. 

    And you didn’t like it, the realness, the trouble with reality, the trouble in life at all.  

    And when you walked away, the glass case shattered and my heart heavy with sorrow, begged me to write these words. 

    As it would when I am in love, as it does when I am in sorrow, and as it will again in joy. 

  8. 4 Jan
  9. Christmas just got to my house! I love my family! Moms coquito and pasteles, my sisters special gluten free cake  @barbielovesu #barbiessweetcakes #100proofcoquito #coquito #boricua #acomerpasteles

    Christmas just got to my house! I love my family! Moms coquito and pasteles, my sisters special gluten free cake @barbielovesu #barbiessweetcakes #100proofcoquito #coquito #boricua #acomerpasteles

  10. 4 Jan
  11. mimbeau:

Place Vendôme
Paris 1949
Robert Doisneau


    Place Vendôme

    Paris 1949

    Robert Doisneau